Upper Limb Mobility

Please do all the following exercises every day for six weeks before contacting the physio for a retest. Click on the links below for the exercise videos. If there is any uncertainty regarding the exercises please let us know so that we can arrange supervised exercise for a limited period of time.


Thoracic extension on a roller


Keep bum and feet on the ground. Keep fingers linked behind the neck. Place the roller around the bottom part of your thoracic spine (at the level of your lowest ribs) and lie on it. Reach backward trying to point your elbows behind you. Repeat 3 times and move the roller towards your neck, about 2cm at a time until you get to the top of the thoracic spine. The whole exercise should take around 3-4 minutes.


Sleeper’s Stretch


Lie on the affected side with shoulder and elbow at 90 degrees. Using your opposite hand, rotate the forearm towards the ground. Hold for 10 breaths (30 secs) and repeat 3 times.


External Rotation Wall Stretch






Half Windmill



Shoulder Dislocations


Grab tightly onto a long dowel stick. Take the stick over your head until it feels like your shoulders will "click over". Do not go all the way around until the stick touches your back. You should feel a good stretch in your pecs/chest. Repeat 10 times


Reach Roll Lift


Get into "child's pose" with arms stretched out in front of you. Roll palm upwards and lift off the ground. Repeat 10 times.

These exercises are a little more advanced and can be done after you feel you can manage the ones above with good form and without pain.



Behind Neck Press


Stand with stomach tight and chin tucked. Hold dowel across shoulders behind the neck. Grip tightly and pull the stick outwards to both sides as if you are trying to stretch it. Maintaining the outward pull on the stick, extend elbows fully and return dowel to the neck. Repeat 10 times.


Overhead Squat


Stand on a 5cm high plank with stomach tight and chin tucked. Hold dowel across above head with elbows straight. Grip tightly and "pull the stick apart" thereby setting the scapular. Maintaining the outward pull on the stick, tighten stomach, rotate knees outward and lower bum to heels. Return to standing by pushing up through the heels. Make sure knees always in line with 2nd toe. Repeat 10 times.